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Egg Nargisi Khuptha


Egg Nargisi Khuptha

Recipe By Rusna Chowdhury

We will Need: Ground Beef Meat 500 Gram
Eggs Boiled 5
Ginger paste 1 & 1/2 table spoon
Garlic paste 1 tea spoon
Kabab masala 2 table spoon
Turmeric powder 1/2 tea spoon

Chilli powder 1 tea spoon
Coriander chopped 1 tea spoon
Mint leaves 1 Tea spoon
Chilli Chopped 1 tea spoon
Eggs 1 (For Mixing With Ground Meat)
Fried Onions 1/2 Cup
Salt to taste
Oil For Fry

Preparation: Take A Deep Bowl Pour Ground meet and all species & Mix it Very Well. Now Take a Enough Ground meet in your hand & Cover Boil Eggs. Cover it Very Well.
Now Hot Oil in a large and Deep Frying Pan, Drop it in media hot oil and let it fry, When it Golden Brown, Take off from Oil and Let it For Cool down. Cut it Half Decorate with Salad Leafs. Enjoy With Family & Friends.



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