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Rainbow Dessert


Rainbow Dessert

Recipe By Rusna Chowdhury

we will need: Coconut Water 1 cup
Coconuts milk 1 cup
Mango gelo powder 1 packet
Greaps gelo powder 1 packet
Gelatine 2 Teble spoon
Fresh coconut slice 2 Teble spoon

How you make it: First take one packet (Mango) gelo powder mix with water let it for boil, when became little thicker pour a cup Band a little and let it for set.


Meanwhile take an other pot pour water and gelo mix & let it boil, do it same process as before. Next prepare coconut milk – take a pot add geletin powder coconut milk let it boil until Thick. Than pour this mixture in to the gele mixer (That We Prepared Before) now Prepare coconut water, do The same as coconut milk process. Finally pour the fresh coconut at the Top of the rainbow gelo cup or glass. Let it complitly cool.



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