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Hilsha Polao


Hilsha Polao

Recipe By Rusna Chowdhury


Hilsha Korma: 7-8 pieces of Hilsha Fish
1/2 cup of Onion paste
1 tbl spoon of Ginger paste
2 tbl spoon of yogurt
2 tbl spoon of plain yogurt
1/2 cup of Coconut milk Or regular milk
Salt to taste
Oil to test
Green chilies


Ingredients for Polao: 3 cups of (750 gram) Tilda or any other Polao rice
Onion Sliced 1 Cup
Ginger paste 1 Table Spoon
Cinnamon Bayleaf
Salt to taste
4-5 Green chile
Ghee+oil As Need

Proses: Wash the fish well. Beat plain yogurt with 2-3 Table spoon of water mix well So no lump on there.
Heat oil and add the onion paste and ginger paste. Cook them well adding water little by little. Than add the beaten yogurt. Add the fish and salt cover the lid. When the gravy is reducing add the coconut milk or regular milk. When the gravy comes to desired consistency add some green chilies and keep it on low flame for five minute with the lid on until the oil separates. Now your Ilish korma is ready. Separate the fishes from the gravy. keep in a dish. This gravy will Use for the polao.

Now we have ready the polao part: Heat ghee+oil. Add the onion and whole garam masala bay leaf, cinnamon, cardamom. When the onions are little brown add the ginger paste, salt and rice. Fry them well. Add the gravy into it. Mix well. It would spread the flavor of Ilish in every grain of polao. Than add 4 and half cup of hot water into the rice. Cover the lid and cook it on The medium flame.
When the water is drying out, add green chilies and reduce the heat a little. When the water dried out and your pulao is ready.
arrange the fish pieces on the top of the polao, cover the lid and place it on very low flame.
Take a serving dish and arrange polao and fish layer by layer. You can Use as your Choice Dish.
Take some polao and add few pieces of fish, cover it with layer of polao and place remaining pieces of fish on the top of it. Garnish it with Fried onion.



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